Using X-ray synchrotron and micro-CT techniques, we are able to explore the internal organs and musculature of small flying insects. We are developing these techniques to answer fundamental questions of insect flight and sensorimotor control.

Selected recent publications

A quantitative comparison of micro-CT preparations in Dipteran flies
Peter Swart, Martina Wicklein, Dan Sykes, Farah Ahmed, Holger G Krapp
Scientific Reports  (2016)

Four-dimensional in vivo X-ray microscopy with projection-guided gating
Rajmund Mokso, Daniel A Schwyn, Simon M Walker, Michael Doube, Martina Wicklein, Tonya Müller, Marco Stampanoni, Graham K Taylor, Holger G Krapp
Scientific Reports  (2015)

In vivo time-resolved microtomography reveals the mechanics of the blowfly flight motor
Simon M Walker, Daniel A Schwyn, Rajmund Mokso, Martina Wicklein, Tonya Müller, Michael Doube, Marco Stampanoni, Holger G Krapp, Graham K Taylor
PLoS Biology  (2014)